Thursday, June 16, 2016

Rally for the Galley 2016

Rev those engines and get ready to  have  a  heart-fulfilling  day!
The  third  annual  Rally  for  the Galley  is  coming  Saturday, August  13,  2016.    Kickstands up at 8 am in the parking lot of Heritage  Baptist Church,  1849  Perry  Hill  Road!   Bikers  who are  enthusiastic  about  ministry and  have  a  heart  for  missions, will join together for a beautiful ride  through  the  River  Region, stopping  at  designated  “rally  points.”   These rally  points  are  MBA  churches  who  are  now collecting  food  and  planning  for  the  arrival  of the motorcyclists. At each stop, riders will load the food onto a transport truck, and at the end of
the ride, they will arrive at  Harvest: A Galley of Grace,  Forest Park Ministry Center’s  Client  Choice  food
pantry, to see that the food is stocked  and  ready  for distribution.  While  there, they  will  enjoy  fellowship,
hotdogs  and  fixin’s  and  a silent auction. 

Here’s how you can help: 

•  We need sponsors to offset the costs.
•  We need nice items, gift cards, etc., for the
•  We need volunteers to help set up, cook, and
•  We need bikers who want to be the hands and
feet of Jesus!
Contact Donna McCullough at 269-5726 for detail

MBA Ministry Directors

MBA Conversational English School

Director, Susan West


Family Resource and Counseling Ministry

Director, Dr. Kline Johnson


Forest Park Ministry Center

Director, Donna McCollough


Montgomery Mixtec Ministry

Director, Alan Cross


Samaritan Inn Ministries

Director, Debbie Jones


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Ten Ways You Can Serve Greater Montgomery

1. Connect with one of the 4 Cooperative Ministries listed on this blog.

2. Do a neighborhood survey and find out what your community wants and needs.

3. Tithe 1/10 of your garden and give to a family in need.

4. Read to a child at one of the public schools in your area. The administration would love to have you serve.

5. Start an Fellowship of Christian Athletes club at a local jr high or high school.

6. Take gift bags to new neighbors around your home or church with information about the church/community.

7. Adopt a school and be a prayer partner with them.

8. Call Alabama Post/Pre Adoption Connections(APAC-334-409-9477) in Montgomery and find out how you can support adoptive families.

9. Offer to host an ESL or Conversational English class in your church. Someone can come and train your church to teach ESL too.

10. Gather in good condition clothing and take to the centers. Ask Forest Park about their "Good Samaritan Clothing Ministry".